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Thanksgiving Marketing Tips for Realtors

"Marketing Tips For Realtors" over image of front doormat with pumpkins surrounding it

This guide is all about channeling the Thanksgiving spirit to achieve your marketing goals as a realtor. Whether that’s gaining new clients, nurturing existing relationships, or boosting your presence in the industry, make the most of this festive season with these tips:

Be Thankful for Your Clients

Someone packing Thanksgiving-themed gift box

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your clients how thankful you are for them and their business!

Cater a Thanksgiving dinner to an open house and invite past clients and industry partners in addition to prospective buyers – call it “Clientsgiving!”

Deliver Thanksgiving-themed goodies to the homes or offices of your past clients and real estate professionals you’ve worked with. This could range from an extravagant gift basket to a cozy fall scented candle to help them warm their new home you helped them find.

Organize a “pumpkin pie pick up” out of your house or real estate office. Bake the pies yourself or pick them up from your favorite local bakery!

Make Your Open Houses Festive

Hands placing pumpkin pie in oven

Help your prospective buyers envision this being the home where they will spend their future Thanksgivings!

Get festive with the interior and exterior décor of the home. You might even set the dining room table as you would before a formal Thanksgiving meal!

Bake a pumpkin pie or cookies in the oven just before people are set to arrive to spread the warm sugary smell throughout the house. If you can’t bake, a strong candle or air freshener could do the trick.

Throw open those curtains to showcase the beautiful changing leaves through the windows. Make sure those leaves are swept/raked away from the path to the front door, though!

Get Involved in Your Community

Turkey Trot participants posing for photo

Thanksgiving is one of the most generous times of the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to build trust by demonstrating your commitment to your community.

Organize or participate in a charity event, such as a food drive. Be sure to share your involvement on social media and encourage others to join you!

Sponsor a local turkey trot! Along with supporting a fun community event, your name, face, and logo will be plastered all over the event organizer’s website and social media. You may even be able to set up banners along the trotters’ route!

Shop at local businesses as much as possible for everything you need from pie ingredients to open house décor and more. Let the businesses know why you are shopping there, and let your clients know where you got all your great stuff.

Capitalize on “Black Friday”

Black Friday sign in window

Turn those window shoppers into homebuyers!

Extend the Black Friday deals to real estate! Offering discounts on homes may give prospective buyers the push they need to close on a property. You might also consider offering other incentives, such as a discounting your agent’s commission, paying the points lenders charge to secure a lower mortgage interest rate, or covering closing costs.

Sweeten the pot for potential buyers by offering a new TV, a new set of living room furniture, or sports tickets with the purchase of the home. Black Friday deals can be discounts, but they can also be freebies!

Run a Thanksgiving-themed giveaway/contest on social media. Everyone will already be online for Cyber Monday Shopping, and this is a great way to engage with your existing followers, reach new audiences, and improve your branding.

Don’t Forget About Digital Marketing

Laptop surrounded by fall leaves

Don’t underestimate the power of online marketing. Make the most of the Thanksgiving season by formulating a digital strategy!

Update your social media throughout the month with everything Thanksgiving-related: Black Friday real estate deals, your upcoming open houses, community events you are a part of, your contests and giveaways, things you are thankful for, etc. This is also an opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal, relatable level by posting photos of you with your family and friends celebrating Thanksgiving.

Send out e-cards to your past clients, prospects, and industry partners to show your gratitude and build your brand. Handing out or mailing physical cards is a great personal touch, but digital cards work too! This could be a short and sweet greeting or a lengthier newsletter informing them of all your festive promotions!

Write a Thanksgiving post for your real estate blog. Maybe you have some Thanksgiving-related real estate advice, or a great recipe for pumpkin pie. This not only gives you unique content for your social media pages or email newsletters, but it should help improve your SEO!


This Thanksgiving, it is not just about real estate transactions, it is about building lasting relationships and strengthening your brand. As you dive into these marketing initiatives, aim to create a sense of “home” for your clients. And don’t forget that Clover Lane Settlement Services offers real estate professionals complimentary marketing and sales training! You can schedule a private, personalized workshop for yourself or your team. Contact us today to learn more.

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